Have you ever been caught up in a moment so special that you've wanted to stop time and savor it for as long as possible before it’s gone forever?

As a mama and wife, I find myself in these situations on a daily basis … like when I'm holding my sons and kissing their chubby cheeks, and they pull my face in close with their little hands and gaze into my eyes with the cutest, most innocent stare. Or, like that one time my husband started slow dancing with me to no music while we loaded the dishwasher in the kitchen.


Life isn’t perfect. It’s messy. Really messy. Especially being a mama. But it’s the messy parts and the great parts that give us character and make our lives so fulfilling. This is what first made me fall in love with photography. And it’s these candid, raw moments that allow me to take my passion for photography, plus your special story, and make it all come to life.

But all moments are fleeting. We can’t freeze time, but we can capture little glimpses along the way that will take us back to those times.

I want to capture each and every one of your special moments – the moments that make you feel whole and fill your heart with the most incredible joy. Whether it’s an engagement, a wedding, welcoming a little one into the world, or watching your children grow, or building your brand or launching your business or blog, every moment is precious.

As a lifestyle photographer, my concept is very natural. It’s organic, romantic, simple, modern, and clean. There’s no special effects or little tricks. Every photo I take is grounded with authenticity and purpose, and it’s a true reflection of my subject(s). I take a documentary approach to the images I capture, which gives me the creativity and freedom to tell your story through my lens.

I make it a priority to get to know more than just what pictures you would like to have taken. I want to form a bond with you before the photo-taking process has even begun … because I'm not just taking your pictures. I’m photographing you – what you cherish, who you love, and how you feel. I am beyond grateful for the relationships that have formed because of this.

I want you to leave your session feeling confident and excited to see the photos that reflect your special moment. Whether it’s right after your event or 30 years from now – I want you to remember the exact feelings and emotions you experienced during those moments when the photos were taken.

I would love to have the honor of telling your story!




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